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The Treasury allocates 4,152 million to increase the liquidity of the CCAA: "No one did so much"


María Jesús Montero, Minister of Finance, has announced the allocation of 4,152 million euros to the Autonomous Communities to increase their liquidity. "No government in Spain has done so much for this, it is an unprecedented effort," he defended.

Montero recalled the non-reimbursable fund made available to the CCAA.

The first 6,000 million of this will become available to you from next July.

In one of his interventions, Sánchez detailed the four sections of the fund with which he "will avoid" that any autonomous community or autonomous city is "forced to apply cuts", according to Servimedia.

The first, of up to 6,000 million euros to be paid in July, will be based on health spending. The second, of up to 4,000 million euros, will be distributed based on health spending criteria for October and is paid in November.

The third tranche, explained the President, will be up to 1,000 million euros to be paid in November and will be distributed based on representative criteria of social spending; while the fourth and last, of up to 5,000 million euros, will be based on criteria related to the decrease in economic activity.


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