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AirBit Club: A Digital Economy Platform to keep an eye on in 2020


There has been a significant fundamental shift in traditional finance over the past ten years since the introduction of the new asset class – cryptocurrency. The economic environment is not the same anymore as we are heading towards finance 3.0, getting away from the clutches of centralization. The lack of transparency in the traditional financial systems has sparked a revolution all over the world, and people are joining the crypto industry like never before.

In these last ten years, there has been the introduction of many revolutionary platforms that acted as a portal for new participants to enter the market. One significant initiative that was founded in 2015 is AirBit Club. AirBit Club is the first decentralized initiative that offers its users the ability to start their own business and generate income. With a presence in more than 160 countries and over 1.9 million users, AirBit Club is the largest multi-level marketing club in the world that is not only a decentralized opportunity but also a financial education platform.

AirBit Club, through its lavish events, hosted all around the world, has helped millions of people learn about the core concepts of blockchain technology. In these events, AirBit Club executives train potential members on the emerging trends in technology and the digital economy. AirBit Club also hosts musical concerts, festivals and activities involving renowned personalities, where creative talks and intellectual discussions happen – allowing their members to interact with each other openly. The organization has been transparent from the very start, and that’s what has helped them to grow even in the competitive world  of the crypto markets.

One of its iconic events was held in Monterrey, Mexico in March 2019. The event was named, ‘Airbit Club Motor Sports.’ This is a very innovative way to push the concept of crypto-economy in front of the masses. The club has a new division that is dedicated to sponsoring motorsport events. These motorsport events see millions of people every year, and big brands find these events as an opportunity. The Formula 1, Formula 3 (European and Italian championship), Formula 4 NACAM and Nascar in Mexico are some of the classifications where AirBit Club currently participates with brokers such as Enzo Fittipaldi and Xavi Razo.

AirBit Club’s largest event to date was ‘Singapore 2019’ that had over 7,000 attendees. Workshops were held on topics related to economics, technology, leadership and personal motivation. The event also featured world’s one of the top singer/rapper, Pitbull.

AirBit Club is not only an initiative but a call to entrepreneurs who are looking for a change and want to join the most prominent digital revolution ever. Today the club has approximately 2 million members, and these numbers are increasing every single day. Learn more about AirBit Club: www.airbitclub.com

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