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Sánchez gives in to Citizens after a desperate negotiation for the last extension


At no time during the already uncertain Covid-19 crisis had the outcome of a parliamentary vote been so uncertain. Even in the fourth extension of the state of alarm, the PSOE-United Podemos coalition Executive did not reach the countdown in Congress with the support in the air. Moncloa has held intense negotiations with ERC and Ciudadanos, to which in the last hours Junts per Catalunya had even joined, with all options on the table, until the exceptional measures were concluded on May 24. Finally, the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez has abandoned his idea of ​​a one-month extension and has yielded to the demands of the training led by Inés Arrimadas, which has become the best crutch of the Government in the pandemic.

For the past few hours they had tried everything. To convince Citizens, First, they dropped their idea that the expansion of the single command of the Ministry of Health would extend for six weeks. However, the center-right formation had been shown to be unimpeachable at the point that the fifth extension of the alarm should be like the previous ones, of fifteen days. Secondly, a draft with a new date, June 27, was leaked this Tuesday morning, which reduced the expansion of the full powers of the Government to one month and made it clear that the extension that Congress will approve This Wednesday will be the last.

"Right now, the best they could do was bet on reissuing the move two weeks ago with Ciudadanos," point sources close, when he got 178 votes in favor, an absolute majority. But Arrimadas has taken their support dearly. To begin with, the pact contemplates that "during those 15 days of extension of the state of alarm, the Government undertakes to analyze the measures and, where appropriate, necessary legislative reforms that allow an orderly exit from the alarm state and the management of the pandemic at that time, no longer using the constitutional tool of the declaration of alarm, "reads the text of the second pact between the Executive and Citizens.

The cherry on top of the deal is new economic measures that the president of Ciudadanos has ripped off the socialist leader. First, "in the tax deferrals motivated by the negative economic impact of COVID-19, the deadline for entering taxes by taxpayers without interest for delay is increased by one month (from three to four)." Likewise, the "streamlining of the payment of benefits for ERTEs or unemployment to those who have not yet received it so that they can receive it" is specified.


But during the intense contacts maintained until this Tuesday, they never abandoned the ERC route. In fact, in the draft that has circulated, a series of winks intended for Republicans have been included, such as expand co-governance with the Autonomous Communities, to those who allocate greater decision-making power and return education management. The party of Oriol Junqueras, for its part, has castled itself in the 'no' and fixes its red lines to recover the competences in health, the dialogue table between the Government and the Generalitat, social measures and a series of reforms of various laws, including Public Health, so that there are no future alarm states if there is a resurgence.

"They continue to negotiate," say knowledgeable sources, so they do not give the Republicans' no for sure. And they continue doing it to all bands. In fact, during the last hours multiple combinatorics have been valued: to recover the covenant of investiture with the Citizen abstention; than Junts per Catalunya will abandon the ‘no’ and it will also go to the side of abstention or even to the 'yes', since, according to the president of Junts per Catalunya in the Parliament, Albert Batet, if they regain control of health, there is white smoke; that these forces, together with Oriol Junqueras' party, would not vote either for or against … An endless number of possibilities to obtain a simple majority, when the 'noes' of Vox, the PP and the CUP are assured, and surely UPN, BNG , which raises the votes against 146 -154, if the declarations of the junteros are a toast to the sun.

However, ERC has not yet decided its vote and from socialism they do not lose hope that they will be swept away by the PNV, whose support they see as more secure, according to parliamentary sources.

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