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The administrative deadlines count again from next Monday, June 1


The Council of Ministers has decided that the administrative deadlines will run again from June 1. They were suspended with the statement on March 14 of the declaration of the state of alarm for the coronavirus pandemic.

At its meeting this Friday, Pedro Sánchez's Cabinet approved the repeal of the third additional provision of Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14, which declared the suspension of administrative deadlines. In this way With effect from June 1, 2020, the calculation of the periods that have been suspended will resume.

The PSOE-United Podemos coalition government considers that 'once the most acute phase of expansion of the pandemic has been overcome and the progressive recovery of normality in the operation of public administrations has begun (…) it is necessary to recover the normal operation of procedures administrative '.

The third additional provision of the RD that established the state of alarm for the first time suspended the terms and interrupted the administrative deadlines ‘so as not to harm the rights of the interested parties or subject them to an administrative burden in moments of exceptionality.’

However, Social Security affiliation, settlement and contribution were excepted from the general rule; temporary employment regulation records initiated during the state of alarm; and the tributaries and presentation of tax declarations and self-assessments.

In addition, the different competent bodies were allowed to agree on the management and instruction measures to avoid serious damages to the rights of the interested parties and the continuation of administrative procedures that were related to situations closely related to the state of alarm itself, or that were indispensable for the protection of the general interest or for the basic operation of the services.

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