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Shopify will now accept over a thousand cryptocurrencies thanks to a partnership with CoinPayments


CoinPayments, a platform that allows merchants to accept various cryptocurrencies has announced Recently that it will now also be possible to use cryptocurrencies as a form of payment in Shopify.

This collaboration came after a beta phase that started last year and resulted in the official announcement of this partnership that will allow CoinPayments to integrate as a payment solution by various retailers who have a store on the Shopify platform.

The range of cryptocurrencies that retailers will be able to use thanks to this new partnership is really impressive: we are talking about 1,800 different cryptocurrencies , all managed through the CoinPayments interface.

This will, among other things, satisfy everyone and reach users around the world, since it will no longer be necessary to go through annoying traditional payments with their long management times, high rates and third parties involved.

This is an unstoppable combination, said the CEO of CoinPayments, Jason Butcher:

“The combination of Shopify and CoinPayments is unstoppable in the payment industry. By uniting our easy-to-use global cryptocurrency payment platform along with Shopify's broad trading base, we hope to offer a perfect process for anyone looking to do business using cryptocurrencies. As leaders in e-commerce and crypto payments, our combined experience reflects the future of business transactions. ”

Shopify and the Libra Association

It is also worth mentioning that Shopify is not new to the cryptocurrency sector, on the contrary, it has been United recently to the Libra Association to support this project from within.

With this integration, it appears that the gap between cryptocurrency users and merchants is narrowing more and more, thanks to simple and intuitive solutions like this one.

The cryptocurrency community has always wondered how to spend cryptocurrencies in everyday life and the novelty introduced by Shopify is one of the solutions to this problem.

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