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China accuses the US of bringing its relations to the brink of a new cold war


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has lashed out USA, whom he has accused of having relations with China at the "edge a new cold warAs he has said, in addition to Covid-19 there is another "political virus" that spreads throughout the North American country, and that takes every opportunity to discredit the Asian nation.

"We have realized that some political forces in the United States are taking Sino-American relations hostage and pushing our two countries to the brink of a new cold war," Wang said at a press conference in the framework of annual meeting of the National Popular Assembly (ANP), according to Efe.

The leader of the Asian giant has also stressed that the two main world powers "lose by confrontation" and "win by cooperation", and therefore he believes that they must find "a way to coexist peacefully"Since both" bear great responsibilities "for the maintenance of peace in the world.

It should be remembered that relations between Beijing and Washington have deteriorated due to the coronavirus, especially after the President of the United States, Donald trump, talk about "Chinese virus" and accuse the Asian giant of hiding data on the origin and beginnings of the disease.

Wang has urged the US not to "waste valuable time any further and don't ignore lives"Because" there are more important things to do "between the two countries, such as" learning from each other, sharing experience "in the fight against the pandemic, and also" helping each other "to win the battle against the virus.

In addition, he stressed that the two powers need start coordinating your macroeconomic policies for the benefit of their own economies and that of the world economy. And is that, as China has said "has no intention of replacing the US." "That political virus (which spreads through the US alongside the coronavirus) is the use of every opportunity to attack and discredit China," he said, accusing "some American politicians" of "fabricating too many lies" and "plotting too many conspiracies" against Beijing.

The head of Chinese diplomacy has remarked that those who want their country to pay a compensation for having been the origin of the coronavirus pandemic, as some US leaders have demanded, "they are daydreaming". In addition, he warned that Washington "should not challenge China's red line" with respect to Taiwan, a territory that Beijing considers a wayward province and whose independence from the Asian giant the US openly supports.

Regarding the ANP's planned approval of a state security law for Hong Kong, he stressed that this is "an internal matter" for China in which "foreign intervention is not allowed."

Wang has affirmed, collects Efe, that "for all countries maintaining security is a competence of the central government" and an "unavoidable requirement". For this reason, he pointed out that the law "will not harm the high degree of autonomy" of the former British colony, while "it will favor the maintenance of the model of one country, two systems".

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