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China accuses the US of bringing its relations to the brink of a new cold war


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has lashed out at the United States, which he has accused of bringing relations with China to the "brink of a new cold war." As he has said, in addition to Covid-19 there is another "political virus" that spreads throughout the North American country, and that takes every opportunity to discredit the Asian nation.

"We have realized that some political forces in the United States are taking Sino-American relations hostage and pushing our two countries to the brink of a new cold war," Wang said at a press conference in the framework of annual meeting of the National Popular Assembly (ANP), according to Efe.

The leader of the Asian giant has also stressed that the two main world powers "lose by confrontation" and "win by cooperation", and therefore he believes that they must find "a way to coexist peacefully", since on both " great responsibilities fall "for the maintenance of peace in the world.

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