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Madrid will install mask and hydrogel vending machines in the Metro


The Madrid's community going to install vending machines with masks and hydrogel in some of the stations with the largest influx of travelers from Meter. The objective, announced the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, is to facilitate the availability of these protection elements, since the mask is compulsory for public transport.

The vice president, counselor for Sports, Transparency and spokesman for the regional government, Ignacio Aguado, and the counselor for Transport, Mobility and Infrastructure, Ángel Garrido, presented this Sunday the first of these vending machines at the Moncloa station.

It is planned that in the next few days they will also be installed at the Nuevos Ministerios, Príncipe Pío, Plaza de España, Argüelles, Diego de León, Atocha-Renfe, Chamartín, Sainz de Baranda and Colombia stations, and initially, the machines will remain active for a period of 6 months.

"From the Community of Madrid we want to continue strengthening the safety of citizens, Metro users and suburban workers," said the regional vice president. Aguado also congratulated Metro de Madrid for "living up to a situation as anomalous as that caused by the coronavirus" and for this initiative, which "guarantees the possibility of acquiring protection material for all people who access the public transport".

In this sense, Aguado has ensured that self-protection is one of the keys to continue advancing in the de-escalation of the region, with the use of masks, keeping the safety distance and by frequent hand washing. In addition, he stressed that the Community of Madrid resumes, starting this Monday, the pulse of normality in go to phase 1, and that implies "greater responsibility and prudence" on the part of citizens.

"This new measure also aims to facilitate the mobility of many Madrid residents who need to go to their jobs safely. They can be confident that Metro has all the protective measures to travel safely," said Garrido for his part.


The masks will be sold individually packed for a price of 3 euros. It's about masks reusable and washable up to a maximum of ten times. For its part, the hydrogel, 100 milliliters, will be priced at 2 euros. Each machine has the capacity to sell 192 masks and 96 hydrogels. For now they will only sell these two products, but in the future, other parapharmacy products could also be added.

This measure is in addition to those that have been put in place to deal with de-escalation and protect Metro Madrid travelers and employees. Thus, from tomorrow they will be carried out gauging controls at stations key to the network and a passenger influx monitoring device will be deployed at the busiest points.

The objective of this control is to manage the flow within the Metro network in the best possible way, guaranteeing the safety distance between passengers. Almost a hundred security guards will carry out these supervision tasks in at least 14 of the busiest stations on the network, such as Atocha Renfe, Ópera, Príncipe Pío, Sol, Moncloa, Méndez Álvaro, Pacífico, Conde de Casal, Avenida de América, Puerta de Arganda, Gregorio Marañón, Tres Olivos, Nuevos Ministerios and Plaza Elíptica, among others.


Likewise, since last week a new signage in trains and stations that inform Metro commuters of the new conditions that they must take into account when traveling in the Madrid suburban, such as the distance between users or the seat occupation.

In this way, the need to keep hands clean is remembered and that the use of masks is mandatory in the suburban and in all public transport. They have also been installed orientation marks to maintain interpersonal distance in transit places such as hallways and access doors to stations, as well as on the floor, walls and benches of platforms and on train seats.


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