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Ana Botín (Santander) regrets that "every day that does not open" jobs are lost


The president of Banco Santander, Ana Botín, it is clear: every day that it does not open, jobs are being lost in Spain. For this reason, it asks to recover the country's economic activity, as long as security conditions are respected.

This was stated by Botín during his attendance at the extraordinary plenary session of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, chaired by the king, Felipe VI.

"The Spaniards have been responsible for staying at home, I am sure that we will be responsible at the exit," Botín said during his speech. The president of Santander has also referred to the accelerated digitization course that banks have had to take because of the pandemic: "We have seen changes in three months that would have taken years."

In turn, Botín has claimed to close the digital gap in vulnerable families and SMEs, to avoid the death of this and that is that "if you do not survive today there is no plan for two or three years," he maintained. In this sense, the president of Banco Santander has asked to develop two or three-year structural plans, but also others in the very short term to avoid the disappearance of many small companies.

"There are companies that disappear every day if they do not manage to sell. The big ones survive, we will earn more or less, but the small ones die. We must help people who are falling behind on the digital issue and at the same time have a more structural. If you don't survive today, there won't be a two or three-year plan, "he warned.

Botín has also called for educational shock plans in view of the acceleration of change in society. "I think we have done a great job in Spain on the subject of training in recent years and it is time to take the next leap. It is not only very important but urgent, there are many people who are falling behind, we have to do a very important effort and thinking in the short term, "warned the president of Santander, who advocates investing more resources at all levels of education.

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