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The complaint against Ayuso for reckless homicide in the residences reaches the Supreme


The Court of Instruction number 39 of Madrid has sent the Supreme court the complaint filed by relatives of the deceased in nursing homes, grouped in the Residences Tide, against the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, for the management of the pandemic in these centers.

The judge has forwarded the complaint to the Supreme Court, given that Ayuso is dealt with in the high court for her status as regional president. It will be the Second Chamber, chaired by the magistrate Manuel Marchena, the one that will see the cause.

The complaint was filed at the end of May by a group of relatives of deceased people in residences in the Madrid towns of Alcorcón and Leganés they complained against Ayuso and his health advisers, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, and Justice Enrique López. The Tide of Residences accused them of the crimes of reckless homicide, injuries, omission of the duty to help, prevarication and degrading treatment.

The magistrate agreed last May 29 the referral to the Supreme Court and also to transfer it to the Prosecutor's Office. There is an appeal against his car. The public ministry kept open 191 criminal proceedings in residences in case some crime had been committed, of them 82 are in Madrid.

The regional government is going through a critical moment after publicly learning about the existence of a instruction from the Ministry of Health, by the popular Enrique Ruiz Escudero, which limited the transfer of the elderly from residences to hospitals.

The Minister of Social Policies, Alberto Reyero, from Ciudadanos, has revealed that he sent two emails in March to his cabinet colleague to warn him that these orders would lead to the death "in unworthy conditions" of many older people in the community of Madrid.


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