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La Liga is back: Orange and Movistar heat up the football war with 50% discounts


The league it's here. And the soccer war too. Orange and Movistar (Telefónica) They revive their particular 'Classic' with aggressive discounts of up to 50% on their respective rates. Which of the two operators will still be standing at the end of the 90 minutes?

The coronavirus crisis gives football a breather in Spain … and these telemarketers, who saw how thousands of their subscribers rebelled when paying for a service that they were not in a position to offer.

In one corner of the ring is Movistar. Those of Emilio Gayo offer 50% discounts on Fusion packages that include soccer. On the other, we find Orange. French teleco has backlash with similar offers on its Love fiber and mobile rates.

The fine print never fails the appointment. In this case, both operators offer their discounts for a period ranging from three to six months. All in all, Movistar and its 1.5 million customers are still the rival to beat. Orange, with nearly 700,000 subscribers, will try to end its hegemony.


Telefónica is playing in two bands. On the one hand, it has war with Orange, the other great operator that offers soccer in Spain. On the other, there is the Government. The Executive of Pedro Sanchez has manifested in recent weeks through the CSD (Higher Sports Council) its intention to open football to alleviate the consequences of the pandemic.

The CSD transmitted these intentions to La Liga and from the competition they passed the ball to the teleco de Álvarez-Pallete. Despite the fact that Telefónica has not received a formal proposal, its intention was to hold its gaze and wait for the rival to move. Finally, the Government has decided not to do so, weighing that the costs would be too high and Teleco would be forced to defend its interests as the exclusive owner of the broadcasting rights.

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