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Santander AM registers departures in its funds and sicavs of 305 million in May, according to Vdos


Santander AM was the manager with the most reimbursements in its funds and investment companies in May, with outflows of 305.79 million euros, although managed to increase his assets by 0.22%, with 103 million euros more, thanks to market performance, according to data from the consulting firm Vdos.

Caixabank It was the second entity with the most net refunds, with € 53.19 million in May, although it also managed to increase its assets due to the profitability offered, with which it earned 602.72 million euros, a 1.32% volume under management.

On the opposite side, Kutxabank It was the entity with the most net deposits and registered 165.92 million euros of tickets in its funds and sicavs in May, which, together with the performance of the portfolios, allowed it to increase its managed assets by 2.75%, with 453.36 million euros more.

For his part, Bankia and BBVA, also achieved net fund-raising, of 75.47 million and 4.1 million euros, respectively in May, which were accompanied by positive average returns. The five main entities registered an average equity advance of 1.05% in their funds and sicavs, with net repayments of 113.5 million euros in the fifth month.


According to Vdos, the group of Spanish funds registered net fund raising of 16 million euros in May, without taking into account the sicavs, to which is added a positive return of 27,293 million from the portfolios.

By vehicle, the 'Caixabank Master Emerging Equity Advised' fund was the one that registered the most reimbursements in May, with departures of 460 million euros. They are followed by the 'BBVA Bolsa USA' fund (-162.47 million euros), the 'Santander Renta Fija Ahorro' (-118.9 million) and the 'Kutxabank RF Abril 2020' (107.54 million euros). In contrast, the 'Caixabank Master Short Term Fixed Income' fund raised 464.34 million euros, the 'Santander Horizonte 2025' received subscriptions of 325.27 million euros and the 'Kutxabank Long Term Fixed Income' achieved 200.81 million euros of net deposits.


None of the large managers led returns on investment vehicles in May, lagging far behind the 4.88% offered by the Beka AM funds and the 4.37% of the Acacia Inversión funds.

Nao AM's sustainable funds (3.85%), Ginvest AM's funds (3.69%) and Bestinver products (3.6%) complete the 'top 5' of maximum profitability offered in May in Spain.

On the other hand, among the banking groups, Ibercaja Gestión (1.62%), Kutxabank Gestión (1.57%) and Caixabank AM (1.52%) offered the highest returns. They are followed by Bankia Fondos (1.28%), Bankinter Gestión de Activos (1.23%) and Mutuactivos (1.11%). Below 1% of earnings in May are the funds of Sabadell AM (0.88%), Popular AM (0.85%), Santander (0.72%) and BBVA (0.61%).


The funds that rebounded the most in May were mixed, with an advance of 18% in the 'Sphere III / Titan Dynamic', gains of 15.46% in the 'Merchfondo', of 11.35% in the 'Rent 4 Multi-management Andromeda Value Capital 'and 11.11% in the' Sphere / Yellowstone '.

In pure variable income, the advance of 10.58% of the 'Santander Go RV Norteamerica' funds in its different classes stands out. The fixed income fund that offered the most returns was 'Gesem / Faro Global High Yield', with an advance of 8.04% in May.

By sector, the Vdos analysis highlights the high returns offered by European equities in small and medium capitalization companies (7.26%) and Japanese international equities (7.09%). On the contrary, Asian equities excluding Japan have plummeted 2.29% in May, being the category of investment funds with the lowest profitability offered in the last month.

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