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The CEOE calls large companies to a summit to rebuild the country


The Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) It will hold a Business Summit from June 15 to 25 to find out what Spain needs to start the recovery, to give confidence and to highlight the attractiveness of the country so that businessmen want to continue investing. It will bring together more than 130 large companies.

This was stated by its president, Antonio Garamendi, during a virtual meeting with the media to present the conference. In meetings, under the name 'Spanish companies leading the future', the representatives of the most important companies in the country will participate and will be divided by themes.

In fact, there will be meetings that will cover from the financial field to that of energy and sustainability, going through the operators of the system, insurance, tourism, transport, industry, automobile, agri-food, infrastructure, construction and real estate promotion, services, CSR, culture and sport, entrepreneurs and self-employed, commerce, advice and strategy or health.

There will also be space for innovation and digitization, education and training, SMEs, geopolitics and for the business confederations of the different autonomous communities. According to Garamendi, the most important thing is what lies ahead for the country, what can be done for Spain, for the innovation and addressing approaches to funds coming from EuropeBecause "if you do it wrong you can lose a golden opportunity".

"It is time for all of us to do our bit," he added, noting that the Commission does not go so much by sector, but rather by thematic approaches. "Each businessman will ask, not at a table, but directly, what is his opinion and what he thinks should be done and how it would be necessary to work to start up the country ", as the CEOE president explained.

Garamendi pointed out that the entrepreneurs who participate are those who generate the tractor effect in the rest of the companies and that there will be much more talk than about the workplace. Once the Summit ends, the CEOE will transmit the conclusions to the GovernmentAlthough Garamendi has added that the relationship with the Executive is "very good" and that he frequently transfers the things that businessmen think.

"My obligation is to work with the Government and I will continue to do so," he said, after stressing that "there is a part of the Government that is more sensitive than another, but that its obligation is to work with all" and stress that "the relationship it's good. "


Meanwhile, Garamendi believes that it is "very difficult" to reach an agreement by Tuesday next week to lengthen the temporary employment regulation (ERTE) files. "At this moment we still do not have government papers. Those of the CEOE are, those of unions are, but I have not seen any role of the Government"he pointed out.

According to Garamendi, "it is very difficult to talk about flexibility and asking your people to have to work on Sunday, because paper arrives in the afternoon and evening so that on Monday they say yes. "

However, he has made it clear that the employer's intention is always to negotiate, work and reach agreements. "We are where we are and therefore our interest is to defend the Spanish economy, our country and also that these companies may be hibernated and defending workers and protecting employment, which is the one that is protected by the ERTE."

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