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Inditex, Santander or Telefónica suffer from outbreaks. Take advantage to buy?


Big stocks are doing especially badly this Monday, when all the indices are looking forward to the ongoing Covid-19 case flare-up, especially in the US and China. Inside the Ibex, blue chips fall willingly, such as Inditex, Santander or Telefónica, and in some cases these falls are a good opportunity to buy, according to experts at Bolsamanía.

"Santander and Telefónica offer a buying opportunity with these falls," says César Nuez, an analyst at Bolsamanía and head of Trader Watch. Santander loses 3.5% (2.13 euros) on Monday and Telefónica leaves 3% (4.4 euros) "Inditex has a slightly worse aspect", adds this expert.

In the case of the Cantabrian entity, it is reacting to the 50% increases in the last month. "Now back to trading in the vicinity of 2 euros and here we could see a new opportunity to buy," says Nuez. With regard to Telefónica, something similar occurs. "It has risen and is now correcting half of that section. The most normal thing is that for these prices we will see the return of purchases again," adds this analyst.

In the case of Inditex, it tried two weeks ago to attack the average of 200 sessions but it did not succeed. "Once the 24 are lost, I could look for the level of 22 euros, where the most normal is that we see the return of purchases again. Its worst aspect is a little worse than that of the other two," explains César Nuez.


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