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The lawyers of the Congress shield Juan Carlos I and oppose his investigation


The lawyers of the Congress of Deputies have overthrown the creation of a commission of investigation of the King Emeritus, Juan Carlos I, requested by Podemos in recent days.

The intention of the purple formation was to address the "diplomatic and commercial relations between Spain and Saudi Arabia, its link with Spanish institutions and companies and its effects on the public purse."

This report, which El Confidencial echoes, and which has been prepared by the lawyers of Congress, opposes the creation of said commission, justifying that the inviolability of the emeritus monarch has "permanent" effects. The commission proposed by those of Pablo Iglesias tried to take advantage of his abdication in 2014 to investigate his activities thereafter.

The final decision rests with the Table of Congress. However, it is taken for granted that the majority of PSOE, PP and VOX in the governing body of the Lower House end up knocking down, once again, the creation of the investigation. This may have collateral damage affecting the relationship of the current coalition government, although within the socialist party they trust that this will not be the case.


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