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OKEx has partnered with Paxful to expand crypto-fiat access ramps


OKEx, which describes itself as the world's largest futures cryptocurrency exchange, and the P2P trading platform Paxful it They have teamed up to offer cryptocurrency traders access to numerous new payment options.

Starting immediately, Paxful's virtual Bitcoin kiosk will be integrated and made available directly on the OKEx platform for new and existing users.

The integration will now allow OKEx users to use Paxful's peer-to-peer trading network directly to purchase BTC with 160 different fiat currencies in their accounts. The list of supported currencies includes the Russian Ruble (RUB), the Vietnamese Dong (VND), the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), the Nigerian Naira (NGN), the Colombian Peso (COP), the British Pound (GBP), the Peso Mexican (MXN), the Canadian dollar (CAD), Euro (EUR) and Argentine Peso (ARS).

In other words, Paxful is now another OKEx fiduciary gateway partner, joining the list of similar providers offering fiducia to cryptocurrency entry ramps through various payment methods. OKEx, who got more than $ 2.3 billion In cryptocurrency trading volumes in the last 24 hours, it already allows the purchase of bitcoin through these partners.

However, support Paxful to hundreds of payment methods is the key differentiator, particularly in countries that apply restrictive banking rules. In such nations, residents of this country can use gift cards to buy bitcoin through Paxful to fund their OKEx accounts.

"We are delighted to partner with Paxful and share very similar goals on bringing more people to cryptocurrency. Through this partnership, we can reach more users in developing regions using Paxful's existing infrastructure and payment options and expose them to the benefits of advanced technology and OKEx's diverse product suite. This is a huge step forward for us and the cryptocurrency space in general, ”said Jay Hao, CEO of OKEx.

Paxful's virtual Bitcoin kiosk gives users the ability to instantly engage with sellers who meet the criteria of their business needs based on currency and payment method. The company's customers will also benefit from its collaboration with OKEx, as they will be granted access to a variety of trading options, such as spot, margin and futures on OKEx, as well as direct access to trading options through the OKEx DEX platform.

“At Paxful, one of our goals is to help grow the cryptocurrency community. We admire OKEx's work and know that our values ​​and strategy are aligned. With this partnership, we hope to continue building the ecosystem together and making cryptocurrencies more accessible as a payment method in the real world, ”said Ray Youssef, CEO and Co-Founder of Paxful.

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