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Technical analysis office: Telefónica, DIA, Berkeley, Bankia, Cellnex, Enagás, Viscofan and la plata


Next, we give answers to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Bankia, DIA, Berkeley, Viscofan, Cellnex, plata, Enagás and Telefónica.

Technical analysis

Good morning José María, I'm Antonio Fernández and I've been caught at Bankia. What would you advise? Thank you very much and good day.

Dear investor, good afternoon. While is true that Bankia Still a bearish title in medium and long term terms, it looks like in the short may be trying to build a small figure back from bullish implications. It would be an inverted 'head and shoulders' potential that may end up leading to the significant resistance (previously support) of approximately 1.37 euros. With the permission of the intermediate resistance presented in the weekly bearish gap of 1.1736 euros. And all this, within an impeccable bottom downtrend. Thank you very much gentleman and also, have a good day.

Bankia weekly chart

Dear José María, what do you think about DIA and Berkeley? And regarding Viscofan, is it too late to get on the bandwagon of the latest uploads? Greetings and thank you. G.G.

Dear reader, good afternoon. DAY it is in nobody's zone, just halfway between the support of 0.10 euros and the resistance of 0.15 euros. So, if you are looking for support we can try to get on the shopping train again. Or, enter once the price confirms above the resistance of 0.15 euros. But right now in nobody's zone the best thing is to do nothing. Wait.

DIA daily chart

Berkeley It is a title that in the long term remains bearish. However, since it passed the bearish guideline, it seems that something is beginning to change in the short-term trend. In fact, after leaning on a straight support that joins the successive growing lows from the annual (and historical) lows, I do not rule out that it is heading in the short term to the resistance zone that it presents at the highs of January 2019 at 0.4160 euros.

Berkeley weekly chart

By last, Viscofan It is one of the most interesting titles at the moment. A priori, what we have before us is a ‘pennant’ of continuity of the trend (bullish) and inside, in turn, a large ‘head and shoulders’ invested that would take it well above the historical maximums. It is true that this type of return figures usually occur after a corrective phase, but rarer things have been seen. There are also (the least) of trend continuity. I invite you to read here the technical analysis we carried out on the company this Tuesday. Thanks to you, greetings.

Viscofan weekly chart

Good Morning. After the recent dissolution of a company that contained a large number of shares, how do you think it could affect Cellnex's listing? Thank you very much in advance for your attention. M.CA.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Well, you can see how it affects the price, in any way. Cellnex It has been rolling laterally in the all-time high zone since April and can reach and exceed all-time highs at any time. This title is up for free and also has the right to take a break, a short break (consolidation of levels) after the significant rise from the lows in March. There is no but that can blame an underlying as bullish as that of the case at hand. It is a clear keep in portfolio. Thank you very much, greetings.

Cellnex Daily Chart

Good Morning. What technical opinion does silver deserve? Regards. R.G.

Dear reader, good afternoon. The silver It has been moving within a broad bearish channel since 2016 and we already have the price very close to the high end of this movement, by definition resistance. Let's say that it presents an important zone of control above in the 18.80-19 dollars. If it were to close comfortably and with weekly candles above, we may be facing the start of a new and important bullish section in medium-term terms. But to do so, it has to overcome the significant resistance it presents around the corner. A greeting.

Silver weekly chart

Good morning, Mr. José María. Thank you for your analysis, which for those of us who are just starting out will be of great help. I would like Enagás to analyze where he is now. Do you still have a tour? A cordial greeting. M.S.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Enagás It is a stock that remains bullish in the long term. And within it it has been moving laterally since the end of 2014. Lateral with a clear support area in the vicinity of 17.50 euros. In the short term, it presents significant resistance in the weekly bearish gap of 22.25 euros and if it were able to close above it, we cannot rule out the fact that it is heading towards the annual and historical highs, at 26.26 euros. It is not a value that I dislike, not at all. A greeting.

Good morning, José María. It is a pleasure to consult you through your office section. At the end of May, I bought Telefónica shares at four euros the day it fell 10% in one day. I am in no rush to sell the stock in at least a couple of years. Do you think that in this temporary space I can get an interesting return? Or as it is, is it better to get out as soon as we have a major rebound? Thanks and regards from Malaga. E.C.

Dear reader, good afternoon. First of all, I invite you to read here the analysis that this Tuesday we carried out on the operator Telefónica. I still think that in the worst case scenario we should see a rebound in the form of a 'pull back' to the resistance area, previously support, of 5.10 euros (today the last dividend to be paid has been adjusted to the share price next July 3). The danger would come from the hand that this movement was only a ‘pull back’ to the great long-term double ceiling that had important bearish implications. But we are going little by little, I think the rebound towards 5.10 euros is served. And then we'll see what the price tells us. Thanks to you, greetings.

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