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China has released its new Blockchain ranking with Bitcoin in 12th place. What cryptocurrencies are in the top 5?


The China Industry Information and Development Center (CCID) presented its 18th ranking of cryptocurrencies on June 18.

As usual, 37 popular public blockchains have made the cut. This time, there have been very few changes.

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EOS and Tron continue to lead

EOS continues firmly holding its first place with 156.1 points followed by Tron and Ethereum (138.4 points and 136.4 points, respectively).

The overall score given to the listed coins includes factors such as core technology, applicability, and creativity.

Ethereum is in the lead in the last two departments, but lags behind EOS and Tron when it comes to their technology.

That said, the methodology behind the rating is still rather murky, so those scores should be taken with a grain of salt.

For example, the core technology category includes the decentralization component, and EOS scored the highest at despite being demoted by Weiss Ratings for increasing centralization last year.

Bitcoin and XRP remain laggards

Bitcoin, the world's leading cryptocurrency, don't get too much love CCID, although it moved a little higher from 17th place and currently ranks 12th.

It is worth mentioning that Bitcoin is ahead of other points when it comes to innovations (43 points).

XRP, the fourth most recent cryptocurrency by market cap, also rose to 14th place.

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