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The Australian Stock Exchange asks Berkeley for explanations for its sharp rises


Berkeley continues to rise this Thursday and also does so prominently (+ 12%). This, after shooting 40% in the last day, which leads it to be the best value in the Spanish market in the year, with a revaluation of 180%. The company has not communicated anything particularly relevant or novel in recent times that leads to justify these exaggerated increases beyond stressing the fact that its uranium mine project in Retortillo (Salamanca) continues. In the last few hours he has done the same at the request of the Australian Securities Exchange, which has asked for explanations for the rally last day.

Berkeley has told the Australian Stock Exchange that it is not aware of "any information or anything that has not been announced and that, if known, it could be an explanation of the recent levels of trading in the securities."

In this sense, the mining company has indicated that it has recently observed an increase in the price of its shares on the Madrid Stock Exchange, which has led to an increase in their price of more than 70% since June 15, 2020 , with more than 115 million shares traded.

Given this, Berkeley has insisted that it continues to focus on the progress of the approvals necessary to begin construction of the Salamanca mine and bring it to production. "The company continues to collaborate with the relevant authorities in order to facilitate the timely resolution of the pertinent approvals necessary to begin construction of the mine," he said.


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