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JPMorgan predicts a massive stock market rally, and this could be bullish for Bitcoin


Dan Tapiero, the founder of DTAP Capital, assumes that JPMorgan's super optimistic call on US stocks could also positively affect cryptocurrencies, he said in a recent tweet.

The largest US bank for assets under management predicted that shares could rise 47% in its June 12 note.

Because the United States Federal Reserve lowered interest rates to almost zero (and intended to keep them at this level) until 2022) While injecting a lot of liquidity into the market, JPMorgan expects the 2018 allotment equality cap to be 49 percent.

Tapiero predicts that this could be seen as a reverse signal from investors, and he expects some excess cash to flow into gold and Bitcoin.

In March, Tapiero opined that the arrival of negative rates in the United States was Úper super optimistic ’ for the leading cryptocurrency.

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