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Superman and Kim Kardashian boost Spotify to all-time highs with their podcasts


Spotify He smiles with the satisfaction of the strategist who sees his plan succeed. The popular music streaming platform has soared to all-time highs. In the last three sessions, he accumulates a rally of 30%. And all thanks to Superman and Kim Kardashian.

At the beginning of the year, Spotify unveiled its master plan: to restructure its business model betting on the added value that podcasts give in their eternal search for the Holy Grail: profitability.

His machination begins to bear fruit. Kim Kardashian, the American 'celebrity', has signed an exclusive agreement to host on Spotify its podcast on social justice and crime, more current than ever after the riots that have followed the murder of George Floyd at the hands of a policeman.

Kardashian, the artist's wife Kanye West, a close friend of the American president Donald Trump, accumulates more than 240 million followers among Twitter and Instagram. The 'celebrity' is not the only one who is boosting the Scandinavian unicorn titles to record highs.

In such a herculean task help is needed. A lot of help. And what better than those of superheroes? DC Comics It has signed another exclusivity agreement with Spotify, a platform for which it will create content from now on. Batman, Superman Wonder Woman… all of them will have their program in which they share the stories of yesterday that have made them the hero they are today.


Spotify is serious. The streaming platform comes from spending more than $ 600 million on content production in the last year. The jewel in the crown is 'The Joe Rogan Experience', the podcast presented by Joe Rogan, who has pocketed $ 100 million in return. With his more than eight million YouTube subscribers, Rogan went down in history for hosting that show where Elon Musk smoked marijuana live.

Everyone wins. Spotify accumulates a 50% rally so far in 2020, in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. In addition, it opens the door to other large studios that want to take advantage of their loudspeaker to share content.

In the case of DC, owned by Warner (in turn owned by the also American AT&T, owner among others of the chain HBO), will use the shows as a social experiment to gauge audience reaction to potential storylines in his upcoming films. Let's not forget that, without going any further, the company It has earned an average of $ 244 million for each of them since last year.

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