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Earnings on Wall Street, which allow Nasdaq to recover 10,000 points


Bullish close on Wall street (Dow Jones: + 0.59%; S&P 500: + 0.65%; Nasdaq: + 1.11%) after a slightly bearish opening and on a day marked by the rebound in infections in some areas of the US and with the re-election of Donald Trump more in question than ever. In any case, the Nasdaq has recovered the 10,000 points and has come even closer to its all-time high of 10,086 integers.

At the business level, it has highlighted Apple (+ 2.6%). Those in Cupertino have been among the first to react to a possible outbreak in the US and have closed their stores in some of the most affected states.

In addition, the company has held a meeting with developers in which you have updated the operating systems of your devices and have confirmed that will start using its own chips on Mac computers, rather than Intel's. Its shares have closed at all-time highs.

And then there is Trump. The Republican president and leader is further from being re-elected in the elections that will be held next November.

The coronavirus crisis and popular revolts after the death of George Floyd They have made a dent in their popularity before going to the polls, according to surveys. Although true to form, "the silent majority remains strong," Trump has said.

The US added 30,000 new cases of coronavirus last Friday, its highest record of positives since May 1. "This had its weight in the bags last Friday," acknowledge experts from Vital Knowledge. "Governments are reopening their economies and the true engine of growth will be the return to normal behavior "they add.

"We are witnessing a war between bears and bulls, each of them is holding on to each piece of information to beat the arguments of their rival," they point out in Fundstrat Global Advisors. "We believe that the market has gone through the worst after realizing that coronavirus was not the end of the world," they conclude.


"How much more can the Nasdaq go up? No one knows, let's not kid ourselves," he says. José María Rodríguez, analyst at Bolsamanía. "The really important thing is not that. The important thing is that the trend is still impeccably bullish, building increasing minimums and maximums for more than ten years. Once again it has been shown that the strength remains on wall street and in technology, mainly ", concludes this expert.

In this sense, Goldman Sachs will continue betting on him technology sector considering that it meets the main positive conditions to lead the world stock markets in the short and medium term, as it has done during the last decade.

During the March crash and the subsequent recovery that global markets have registered, the sector has been supported by its quality, which Goldman summarizes in three reasons to buy this type of company: "solid balance sheets, high profit margins and income resilience", has explained David Kostin, chief equity strategist at the US bank.

In other markets, the West Texas oil It rises 2% to $ 40.60, following a stronger OPEC commitment to cut output. Besides, the ounce of gold up 0.8% to $ 1,768, while the euro It appreciated 0.7% and changed to $ 1,1258. Finally, the profitability of 10-year American bond it goes up to 0.70%.

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