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The Nasdaq continues to fly on Wall Street and a new record high is recorded


Wall street has prolonged the climbs this Monday (Dow Jones: + 0.50%; S&P 500: + 0.43%; Nasdaq: + 0.74%), which has allowed the Nasdaq keep flying and set new all-time highs above 10,100 points. And all this despite Peter Navarro, the controversial advisor to Donald Trump that he has been forced to retract, after stating that the trade agreement with China was dead.

"My comments have been savagely taken out of context"Navarro has stated." They have nothing to do with the phase 1 agreement, which is still in force, "he said to calm the situation.

His words have been followed by those of Donald Trump that for the first time, it has put out a fire instead of provoking it. "The trade agreement with China is still 100% intact, hopefully the terms will continue like this", he has published on his Twitter profile.

Returning to the bags, the experts of Leuthold Group They have acknowledged that "it appears that the virus and the bull market may coexist." And they have highlighted that "Despite the rebound in cases, equities continue to post strong gains. "

On the business front, Manzana it's back in the news. Those of Cupertino have 'broken' with Intel and, from now on, they will manufacture the chips used by their Mac computers themselves. Their actions have marked a new high above $ 370, which has raised its market capitalization to $ 1.6 trillion.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the Ibex has risen 1.2% after good PMIs that have beaten expectations. AND in Asia, the stock markets have closed in green before the resurgence of the Chinese colossus Tencent, which has set new highs.


"How much more can the Nasdaq go up? No one knows, let's not kid ourselves," he says. José María Rodríguez, analyst at Bolsamanía. "The really important thing is not that. The important thing is that the trend is still impeccably bullish, building increasing minimums and maximums for more than ten years. Once again it has been shown that the strength remains on wall street and in technology, mainly ", concludes this expert.

In this sense, Goldman Sachs will continue betting on him technology sector considering that it meets the main positive conditions to lead the world stock markets in the short and medium term, as it has done during the last decade.

During the March crash and the subsequent recovery that global markets have registered, the sector has been supported by its quality, which Goldman summarizes in three reasons to buy this type of company: "solid balance sheets, high profit margins and income resilience", has explained David Kostin, chief equity strategist at the US bank.

In other markets, the West Texas oil up 0.1% to $ 40.80. Besides, the ounce of gold up 0.8% to $ 1,781, while the euro 0.47% is appreciated and it is changed to $ 1.1311. Finally, the profitability of 10-year American bond it rises to 0.71%.

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