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Electrum has announced a new version of its wallet with support for Lightning Network


Electrum has announced launching the new version of the famous Bitcoin wallet with support for Lightning Network (LN).

The new version will be the 4.0, with the latest available to date, 3.3.8, and it will be released this week, although they did not say on what day.

In addition to LN, it will also support PSBT, watchtower, and Submarine Swaps.

Regarding LN integration, the official GitHub repository says that it will be hosted on Electrum servers, but users will also be able to use other servers.

Also, for LN wallets that are offline for a long time, it is recommended set up a watchtower.

Since the funds stored in an LN channel cannot be restored from the seed, it will be possible to create static backups of a channel, although they cannot be used to carry out transactions, but to remotely activate forced channel closures.

These backups can also be exported, for example through a QR code, and imported to other instances of the wallet.

The new version 4.0 will contain other new features, but the most anticipated is definitely Lightning Network, as Electrum It is one of the most widely used Bitcoin wallets in the world. The possibility of using LN channels for immediate and cheap BTC transactions could be highly appreciated by those who use Electrum to carry out small quantity transactions with some continuity.

The announcement of the integration of LN in the new version of the wallet was made in october last year, and since then there has not been much news about it.

So it is plausible that Electrum developers have been working on it for a long time, hoping that the result is safe and easy to use even for users who have no particular experience.

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