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Wall Street anticipates correction after new Nasdaq highs


Wall street he takes a breath. The futures of the main US indices correct just one day after the Nasdaq set new all-time highs.

On the business front, Manzana is again the protagonist. Those of Cupertino They rebound 2% after announcing their new operating systems to iPhone and Mac.

The advance of the technological colossus led by Tim Cook thus extending the climbs of the previous session, which took place after it was known that Manzana 'break' with Intel and start manufacturing your own computer chips.

In health matters, the coronavirus continues to put markets in check. The White House health adviser, Anthony Fauci, now recognizes that the country is attending "an uneasy" positive rebound in recent days. The fear of a regrowth is more real than ever.

Politics also set the investor agenda again. The dialectical fire created by Peter Navarro, the controversial advisor of Trump. For the first time, the US president had to put out a fire rather than start it by ensuring that the trade deal with China remains "intact."

Across the Atlantic, the Ibex and the rest of Europe regress despite the good IFO German and after Lane's comments. Finally, in Asia the stock markets have closed green with Tencent setting new highs on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


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