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Interview about the future and impact of Binance in Latin America with Mariangel Garcia


The Binance cryptocurrency exchange continues to increasingly demonstrate its interest in the Latin American market, launching important solutions for the adoption of cryptocurrencies in this sector, clear examples of this have been p2p trading and the acceptance of many Latin American fiat currencies for trade. and the direct purchase of cryptocurrencies on the exchange.

We have recently had the opportunity to talk to Mariangel Garcia Binance Community Manager (LATAM) about the impact that Binance is having in this continent and we have asked him some questions about it.

one. What do you think about the attention that Binance has been giving to Latin America?

M: Binance has a global vision that seeks to expand its products and services to many places in the world. For this reason Latin America cannot go unnoticed, it is a region with many active users who identify with Binance and whom we want to serve and maintain in our community.

two. Why do you think that is the focus in Latin America?

M: The availability of our products is global, our focus is aimed at increasing the number of regions that can access cryptocurrencies and the freedom they offer, that is why we have strived to include their local currencies in our Fiat ramps that allow them to acquire cryptocurrencies

3. Could Binance be the promoter of the largest adoption of cryptocurrencies in Latin America?

M: Our goal is to be the main reference, recognized for our robust platform, our service and security. All efforts are focused on attracting users and accelerating adoption in many regions, so it is indeed a matter of time for Binance to be the first reference in Latin America whenever it comes to cryptocurrencies.

Four. What more could we expect from Binance in support of Latin American communities?

M: We are working to get closer to the communities and connect with their needs. We will continue offering education, especially in Latin America where I consider that there is a great need that accelerates adoption, but education is the piece we need to reach the goal. So they can expect more events and activities that bring Binance closer to its users to accompany them in this adoption process.

5. What would be the role of Binance Coin (BNB) to help promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies and a free economy?

M: Binance Coin (BNB) is a cryptocurrency whose use cases are increasing every day, while the Binance ecosystem grows at an accelerated rate, BNB also does so based on fulfilling Binance's vision and mission of making financial freedom a reality using cryptocurrencies and building the most robust blockchain infrastructure to support the future that awaits us by adopting cryptocurrencies.

6. What vision does Binance have regarding its Binance Coin (BNB) token?

M: We hope BNB is a useful tool for all users who adopt it. Currently, as the ecosystem grows, BNB use cases grow, which increases the value of the project and maintains it as one of the main cryptocurrencies in the market.

7. Where do you think the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Latin America is at the moment?

M: I think this depends on the country where we are. For example, I am in Venezuela where work is easier since the majority of the population knows that it is Bitcoin and that it is the cryptocurrencies themselves, but in other countries we must start from scratch. In general it is a region in need of changes that arouses interest in financial alternatives, these alternatives are offered by cryptocurrencies.

8. What advice or message would you leave for new people who are coming to this great community?

M: For new people, I recommend surrounding yourself with objective people. I know that we are facing very promising technology and financial tools, but we must be objective and know how to filter the information we receive, we must also have control of emotions and invest with caution.

I also remind you that investing has a great responsibility, just like the decentralized world where we are the ones who totally manage our funds and decide how to use them.

Binance, more than a cryptocurrency exchange

After sharing this interview with our friend Mariangel, it becomes clear to us that Binance is more than just an exchange and that it has always been striving to promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies through learning and including many important solutions to make it easier for People enter this market and the world of free finance.

Although Binance has been present throughout Latin America promoting the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life, bringing solutions and new products to achieve it, Venezuela is the case that stands out among all the others, showing that it is a pro-cryptocurrency country with its great cases of use in all its territory.

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