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Nobody loves Nadia … not even Sánchez


Nobody wants Nadia as President of the Eurogroup. Despite the vaunted unanimous support of Congress and its supposed advantages -woman, socialist, from the South and with European experience-, the reality is that your options are pretty slim (although they increased yesterday with the support of merkel). Mainly, because the 'frugal' countries do not even want it in the negotiation of a rescue fund that is very difficult to sell to their citizens and that they will try to limit and condition as much as possible. But is that Pedro Sánchez he also does not want his minister to gain office.

As it can not be otherwise, the Prime Minister formally supports the candidacy of his minister and sells that this will increase the weight of Spain in the decision-making bodies of the EU, etc. Other than that it would be a consolation prize for CalviñoThat, let us not forget, remains a minister and is dedicated to stopping the occurrences of Podemos and Adriana Lastra because she was left without her long-awaited European police station.

But sources close to Moncloa claim that, behind closed doors, Sánchez thinks in a very different way. "If Calviño were president of the Eurogroup, would be much more subject to the dictates of the countries that rule in Europe and he would have very little margin in the negotiation, just when what he wants is the opposite: tighten the rope as much as possible, even with blocking threats, to get as much money as possible and with the least conditions, "according to one of the sources.

Another adds that "the Eurogroup president's mission is to seek consensus, so Calviño could not at the same time support his country in its threats to break it; that is, Couldn't sweep homeThe conclusion is that "under these conditions, Sánchez prefers that Nadia is not chosen and has her hands free in the negotiation."

And we must remember that its continuity is at stake in the Moncloa because, if Merkel and Macron impose very harsh conditions (labor and pension reform, cuts in public spending, etc.), Podemos will not be able to assume them and will break the government coalition. Sánchez can play with anything but that, so he is not going to do anything that could go in that dangerous (for him) direction.

In any case, this is one of those situations that the president likes: if, thanks to German support, Calviño is elected, he will be able to put on the medal; and if he does not succeed, it will be the fault of the "frugal" countries and he will have done everything possible. Pedro always wins.


This week it has become clear that the coronavirus pandemic has not been overcome. We have regrowths from China to Germany passing through Portugal (where confinement has been decreed again in most of Lisbon), and even in some areas of Spain. The consensus so far was that we will have a new confinement -We will see if it is total or partial and under what conditions- when the cold returns, but now more and more experts think that we can have it this summer.

And although we see our neighbors' beards peeling, nobody here puts ours to soak. To the tourists and immigrants who arrive at our ports and airports are not testedInstead, we just take their temperature and do a "visual inspection", which, as Ignacio Aguado says, would only detect the coronavirus if we wore it on our foreheads.

Each time is more incomprehensible the government's reluctance to do massive tests, which has been shown to be the most effective measure worldwide to control the pandemic. The suspicion is that the same thing is happening as with the masks: that there is not. Because those we bought were from Aliexpress and they did not work, and then they must be very expensive, because there are Spanish companies that manufacture surplus and the government does not ask them. But of course, the country is not for superfluous expenses when it has to hire 656 advisers for the president or 23 for Alberto Garzón.

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