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Boeing shoots 10% for advances in the return to service of the controversial 737 Max


The actions of Boeing 10% soar in the Dow Jones due to advances in the controversial return to service 737 Max. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification flights have begun on Monday, a key step in allowing aircraft of this type to return to service after two accidents over a year ago.

The 737 Max, the best-selling aircraft of Boeingcannot fly around the world from March 2019 after suffering two accidents, one in Indonesia and another in Ethiopia, five months apart, due to problems detected in its flight software.

"The FAA is following a deliberation process and will take the necessary time to thoroughly review Boeing's work," the FAA said in a statement. "We will lift the grounding order only after we are satisfied that the aircraft meets the certification standards."added the regulator.

Over the next three days, several test flights will be conducted by pilots and engineers from the FAA and Boeing. In addition, the analyzes will last for several more weeks. Boeing hopes to obtain all necessary permits so that the 737 Max can start flying in the fall.

However, the FAA has noted that the first tests do not mean that the FAA has completed its compliance assessment with return to service. "The FAA has not made a decision on return to service. We have several steps left after the conclusion of the certification flights"the regulator has concluded.

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