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Apple and Tesla celebrate with rises their 'split' of actions in Wall Street


The share 'split' announced by Manzana and Tesla comes into force this Monday. The two companies have celebrated it with strong increases of more than 3% in the case of the first and of more than 12% in the case of the second in Wall street. The small investor thus shows his interest in the two colossi and in their attempt to democratize.

In Apple's case, Cupertino's are launching a 4-share-for-1 split. This means that pre-split shareholders will receive three additional shares. In addition, the value of each of them will be 75% lower.

Taking into account that Apple is currently trading around $ 500, its price has been readjusted to $ 126 after the split. This change will take place this Monday, August 31, date when readjustment will occur.

In the case of Tesla, the maker of Elon Musk is carrying out a 'split' of five shares for one. Currently, Tesla was trading at $ 2,200, so its price has been readjusted to $ 456 per share.


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