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Decred en Español conducts a workshop on Blockchain



Decred en Español conducts a workshop on Blockchain

"Learn to access the information of a blockchain and understand how cryptocurrency databases are structured" in the free 2-hour workshop, live on Decred's YouTube channel, this October 17 at 3:00 p.m. : 00 hours of Mexico/Colombia, at 16:00 Venezuela and at 17:00 Argentina / Chile / Uruguay.

The workshop "Introduction to Blockchain and Decred API (dcrdata)”Is a workshop organized by the Decred en Español team, where you will learn about“ the operation of a blockchain from a data perspective and its structuring in blocks and transactions ”.

Decred (DCR) it's a cripcurrency based on bitcoin, which uses a hybrid mining system that combines Proof of work (PoW) with Proof of stake (PoS).

The workshop will focus on Decred Block Explorer API, "Dcrdata", where they will talk about the architecture used by the main decentralized networks such as bitcoin, ethereum and decred.

To participate in the workshop it is suggested to have basic knowledge of a programming language of your choice and to have it installed together with a text editor, the workshop examples will be in Python, an open source programming language.

No prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies is required, as reported by its official website.


  • What is a blockchain
  • What is a block explorer
  • Introduction to dcrdata, the Decred browser
  • Using the graphical interface
  • Using the API
  • Network status
  • Blocks
  • Transactions

A Scholarship will be drawn

At the end of the workshop, a scholarship for a Web Mining Course with Python from the Institute Humai.

Those interested in participating can enter the next link.


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