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Reality bathroom in the United States: the stimuli will not arrive before the elections



Economic aid against Covid-19 in the United States will not arrive before the elections. It was an open secret but until today the leaders of the North American country had not spoken about it. The person in charge of giving a year of reality to the population and the markets has been Steven Mnuchin, Secretary of the United States Treasury.

"Right now, having a closed deal and implementing it before the elections will be difficult," Mnuchin said. The months-long negotiations are still far from reaching common ground. "The positions in the negotiation are still far from each other," he added.

That they are not able to bring positions closer is not dynamiting the desire of both parties to reach an agreement, in fact, according to Mnuchin, "we are still working on closing the stimulus package."

Although it was something that experts took for granted, Mnuchin's statements have caught the market by surprise. So much so that after meeting Wall Street it has turned around. The main New York indices are trading with falls close to 1% after a bullish start.



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