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Slight rises on Wall Street leaning on Moderna and its optimism for the vaccine



Wall street (Dow Jones + 0.39%; S&P 500 + 0.47%; Nasdaq + 0.33%) has advanced this Tuesday after collapsing on the 33rd anniversary of its 'Black Monday'. The main US indices tend again to optimism and discount once again that the new round of stimulus will end up spreading the world's largest economy.

The Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, continues "filing rough edges" with Steven Mnuchin, the Secretary of the Treasury with whom he again had a telephone conversation this Monday.

The bags have also been supported by Modern, whose vaccine may hit the market in December if the trials it will carry out in November are successful.

On the business front, Intel has been news after selling to the South Korean SK Hynx part of its memory business for 9,000 million dollars. On the other hand, Netflix Y Snap occupy a lot of attention, both companies publishing their quarterly accounts after the market closes.

Google has also been a protagonist. The United States Justice has presented a antitrust lawsuit against Alphabet, Google's parent, accusing the company of abusing its dominant position in the Internet advertising and search market.

The news has gone completely unnoticed in its price, what's more, it has closed with rises close to 1.6%. A figure that has been increasing as the session progressed. When the news was known the shares were practically flat.

At an economic level, data from the construction sector have been mixedas September building permits have beaten forecasts, but housing starts for the same month have been slightly below forecast.

Andrew Smith, chief investment strategist at Of the Capitalpoints out that the economy will not enter a recession if another stimulus package is not approved this week, but its recovery will be more spectacular. On the other side of the Atlantic the Ibex increases its increases thanks to IAG and its banks. Finally, in Asia the stock markets have closed with a mixed sign.

In other markets, oil West texas falls 0.5% to $ 40.60, while the euro it appreciates 0.4% and changes to $ 1.1815. Finally, the profitability of the 10-year American bond it rises to 0.78%.

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