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Fifth consecutive quarter of earnings for Tesla that pocketed 8.77 billion



Crisis? Who said crisis? That's what they must be thinking about Tesla. Those of Elon Musk have gone through the confessional at the close of the US market and have done it through the front door. Declared revenue of $ 8.77 billion. This is its fifth consecutive quarter with earnings.

The figures have been well received on the trading floor and its shares are advancing 3% in the 'after hours' Wall Street, which collects after-hours trades. And it is not for less, the income is 6% higher than expected. And it's not just revenue that has beaten expectations, so has earnings per share (BPA). Tesla has declared 79 cents while the market only expected 57 cents.

"Our operating income improved in the third quarter to a record level"They assure from the company in a statement." The positive impacts on earnings included a strong volume, a better absorption of fixed costs and a continuous reduction of costs, "they detail.

Tesla maintains its goal of delivering 500,000 vehicles before the end of 2020. A figure with which the market is not so optimistic and estimates that they will be around 476,000. To achieve this goal, the Y model and the production in Shanghai will be key.

A few weeks ago, at their annual meeting, Musk assured that vehicle deliveries in 2020 will increase between 30% and 40% compared to last year, which implies a range of 477,750 to 514,500 deliveries in total. Figures that are in line with what was announced this Wednesday.

Tesla has confessed to the market with an impeccable uptrend, which does not leave it devoid of volatility in the next session. "What is guaranteed is that this Thursday the price will experience an increase in volatility and that whatever it does is a violent movement. Anything can happen with this title, we already know how it moves", explains José María Rodríguez, technical analyst from ForexNews.online.

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