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Technical Analysis Office: IAG, Audax, Viscofan, Almirall, Airbus, Intuit, Facebook and Philips



Next, we give an answer to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Intuit, Facebook, Audax Renovables, Airbus, Philips, Almirall, Viscofan and IAG.

Technical analysis

Very good, Mr. Rodríguez. Could you analyze Intuit and Facebook? Greetings and thanks for the consultation. C.L.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Intuit it is an impeccably bullish value in terms of medium and long term. In the short too, only for the moment we have been stopped short of resistance at the annual and historical highs ($ 360). As short-term support to watch we have the latest rising low at $ 295.37. In other words, as long as the support provided by the last rising low is not pierced, we will not have the slightest sign of weakness within the current price structure. And above the annual maximums and as you can imagine, the title will be placed in absolute free rise.

Intuit weekly chart

As to Facebook three-quarters of the same as in Intuit. It is an impeccably bullish value, in free rise. But is that if it decided to proportionally correct / adjust part of the last uploads here, nothing would have happened. After all, the stock has doubled in price from March lows with no major adjustments along the way. The two values ​​are a clear hold in the portfolio without the slightest problem. Now, getting on the shopping train now I don't see it. At least not without a correction greater than what we are used to. Thanks to you, greetings.

Weekly Facebook Chart

Good morning, I would like to know the technical situation of the following securities: Audax Renovables, Airbus and Philips. Thanks and best regards. YOU.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Audax is a value that you ask us about lately in almost every practice. And as you can imagine, there is no news with respect to what has already been discussed in previous analyzes. Audax Renewables It is developing a wide side since 2018. With a very clear area of ​​support at the annual lows, at 1.22 euros and resistance at the highs of the year (2.76). It is true that the control areas are very far from current prices and therefore are very little or not operational. But the levels to watch, like the 'stops' are what they are and are always set by the market. Not the investor just because and in any way. And therefore and to the extent that the price does not jump up or down we will not have the slightest clue about what the next big market movement may be. Although it is true that the 'feeling' is good and invites us to think that the exit, in view of the strength of the sector, ends up being on the rise.

Audax Renovables weekly chart

Of Philips, a bullish title as far as the medium and long term are concerned, it presents an important resistance at 46-46.40 euros: the highs of January and July. Let's say that only above this resistance we will have another new sign of strength, a prelude to what may end up being a return to the all-time highs that it marked in September 2000 at 58.30 euros. As more immediate support we have the last rising low at 38 euros.

Philips weekly chart

And about Airbus, we have you without a clear trend. A strong crash in line with all those companies related to tourism and an erratic and wide lateral movement. In addition, the price is listed in the nobody's zone, halfway between the most important control zones: 48 euros as support and the bearish gap (strong resistance) of 85.70 euros. And the truth is that to the extent that the title does not come out of there we will not have any news. Everything will remain the same. Thanks to you, greetings.

Airbus daily chart

Good morning, I would ask for an analysis from Almirall. Thanks for your help. Greetings. A.SD.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Almirall It is a title that has been heavily punished in recent months, but despite this it remains bullish (for the moment) in the medium and long term. Why? Because it continues to respect the long-term bullish guideline, the one that was born from the lows of 2011. Acceleration line that presents four impeccable points of support or tangency. From which it follows that as long as it does not pierce the support it has at the annual lows (8.62), it is possible to continue betting on the bottom trend, the upward trend. Thanks to you, greetings.

Almirall monthly chart

Dear José María, first of all, thank you for your accurate analysis of values, it is always a pleasure to read you. My question is about IAG and Viscofan, bought at 2.87 euros and 58.30 euros. The one that worries me the most is IAG, how can it be otherwise. Knowing that, as you well remind us, you do not have the crystal ball, how do you think they can behave a year from now? Thank you very much and best regards. A.P.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Well you. He said it very well. I do not know. I do not have the crystal ball and less for a value as low as IAG where anything can happen. This can be extrapolated to many of the companies directly related to travel and tourism, it is not something unique to IAG. The airline is very bearish in all terms and for the moment the last bounce (very timid, by the way) fits today within what is a simple 'pull back' to the most immediate resistance, before support. But it is that even if it managed to overcome the resistance of 1.21 euros, the next and most relevant resistance is in the last decreasing maximum (1.684). From which it follows that, as long as the price continues to build decreasing highs and lows, we will have nothing. More of the same. I'm sorry I can't tell you more, but it is what it is. We have no figure back, we have nothing.

IAG weekly chart

As to Viscofan we have the title at a very interesting market moment. At the gates of the important support given by the weekly bullish gap of 53.90 euros (early May). It is in support at the moment, but we do not rule out that it may fully / partially fill this bullish gap. The optimal strategy would be to open longs at the closest possible price levels to this gap with a 'stop loss' at closing prices in the gap itself (it is weekly). In addition, the weekly oversold also points in this regard. In an early bullish restructuring of prices. Very kind for your words, thank you very much.

Viscofan weekly chart

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