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The Ayuso Government, divided: Aguado would have asked for the alarm before



The vice president of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, has shown supporter of decreeing the state of alarm also in the Madrid region Because, as he has defended, it is the legal tool that is needed to take measures and has recognized that if he were the regional president he would have already asked the central government for it. This pronouncement shows the deep division in the autonomous government, where elections are already underway.

This is how the Citizen leader also expressed himself in an interview in La Sexta Noche, collected by Europa Press, in which he urged the government to "take control" And, for this, he believes that the state of alarm is the best tool to "not be in wait" of what the High Courts of Justice say, according to Europa Press.

The Madrid vice president has asked stop "demonizing" the alarm state because he believes that it is the "legal umbrella" with which to be able to take more restrictive measures when controlling the pandemic: "The Autonomous Communities have reached the edge of our legal framework, we can no longer go further and for that we need exceptional mechanisms and a government that takes over. "



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