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Vox gives the go-ahead and will support the budgets of the Andalusian Government



The Andalusian Government and Vox have reached a agreement for the approval of the Andalusian budgets for 2021. Both the president of the Board, Juanma Moreno, and the leader of Vox in Andalusia, Alejandro Hernández, are summoned this Wednesday to sign the commitment, after a meeting of several hours that lasted until Tuesday night.

This pact, which will see the light this noon, reaches the limit, since today the plenary session begins to debate the draft of the Budget Law, a rule on which Vox presented an amendment to the entirety. Various sources close to the agreement consider that the agreement with Vox includes some commitments for the 2022 budget, which would represent a consolidation of the Andalusian Government for the rest of the legislature.

The unlocking of the Andalusian accounts comes after the publication of Vox of a document with 72 measures in which they requested the Andalusian Government to comply with requests from the past party, in addition to other new proposals. From social networks, Vox has announced that the agreement carries a package of 65 measures agreed between the PP and Cs. "We are once again demonstrating our usefulness with the Spanish and we will be vigilant so that the pact is fulfilled," declared the official account of the party.

Among the measures approved in the agreement, the reduction of 14 million euros in the budget allocated to Canal Sur, the elimination of one of the three channels that encompasses the regional chain, the creation of a program for young farmers and the increase in aid for the fighting bull in the region.

The strategy taken by Vox It is identical to the one you did last year for the approval of the Andalusian accounts, presenting an amendment to the totality of the Budgets and, a few minutes before their processing, withdrawing it to finally vote in favor of the accounts presented by the Executive of Juanma Moreno.



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