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Solaria rebounds strongly in the stock market after the correction of the last days



Solaria it has rebounded strongly after the correction of the last few days. The shares of the solar panel manufacturer have advanced 12%, to 18.28 euros, after having fallen more than 11% since last Friday.

Solaria's securities have been very volatile in recent weeks, especially since Pfizer announced a 90% effectiveness in its coronavirus vaccine. This caused the Investors exit from the most bullish stocks on the Ibex so far this year, such as Solaria, and an entry in other values ​​more associated with the economic cycle.

However, taking profit is purely a technical correction, since the forecasts for renewable energy companies, like Solaria, they are still very positive for the next few years.

Thus, the value has achieved bounce from its first short-term support, located at 15.64 euros. "The bottom uptrend is impeccable, in fact the price presents a guideline on which the price has been based with maximum precision since 2016, and what happens at the moment for approximately 11 euros ", says José María Rodríguez, analyst at Bolsamanía.

"It goes without saying that any potential approximation to the acceleration line should be interpreted as a clear opportunity to jump on the shopping train", adds this expert.

Remember that Solaria's shares are trading very close to their annual highs of 18.87 eurosTherefore, investors continue to consider the value an attractive medium and long-term opportunity.

The most exposed investors are all international, since BlackRock controls 3.17% of the capital through 4.41 million shares, valued at 90 million euros. For its part, JPMorgan AM controls a stake close to 3%. It is a portfolio of 3.66 million shares, with a market value of 74 million euros.

In addition, the German manager DWS Investment controls 2.73% of the capital through 3.41 million shares, valued at 69 million euros. In third position is Amundi AM, with 2.12% of the capital and a portfolio of 2.64 million shares, valued at 54 million.



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