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The CNMV registers a reduction in stress and a stabilization of the financial system



The financial system has stabilized in recent weeks, with a range between 0.45 and 0.49; according to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

This Monday the CNMV published a slight decreased stress level In the financial system, specifically, the range moves between the 0.45 and 0.49. It's found under the threshold that divides medium stress and high stress, bordering on the border between the two.

The objective of the commission is to examine the risks that harm the Spanish markets. Despite the fact that the system has stabilized, some sectors continue to show a growth in stress level. Exactly, the segments with the highest level of stress are financial intermediaries (banks) and non-financial variable income.

The institutions and organizations that analyze the Spanish market have expected fall in GDP at rates above 12%. All financial market analyzes are subject to a degree of uncertainty. However, there may be advances between 4% and 7% for the next year if the search for the vaccine will advance. That is, if the availability of a vaccine is confirmed, the recovery would be much faster.

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