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Spain falls under the spell of Tesla, which is its most desired stock to invest



Y Tesla conquered Spain. This is not a history book entry, but Elon Musk's deed might well earn the right to appear in one of these. Its unstoppable rally, which comes from being supported by the announcement of its imminent inclusion in the S&P 500, has made the electric car manufacturer the company in which Spaniards most want to invest … and Europeans.

According to the data analyzed by Invezz.com, which uses the tools of Ahrefs.com, Tesla is the company in which the most Spaniards want to invest with 22,000 online searches per month to find out how to do it.

Amazon and Apple, with 21,200 and 14,600 monthly searches each, complete the podium. They are followed by AMD (11,000), Facebook (9,400), Boeing (4,800), Netflix (4,700), Alibaba (4,000), NIO (4,000) and Umanis (3,300).

The technological nature of many of the members of this classification is particularly striking, beyond companies such as Boeing, which are especially cheap due to their high exposure to Covid.


NIO, the Chinese Tesla, is also making a dent in the Spanish market. As published by the eToro broker three weeks ago, the Asian has displaced the American to become the most popular title among its retail investors around the world in the month of October.

Data from the multi-asset investment platform of eToro show that the number of investors who bought the shares of NIO have shot up 50% in the past month, while its price has shot up almost 2000% in the last year.

If we look at the rest of the Old Continent, Tesla is also the most desired in 26 of the 31 countries analyzed, especially in the United Kingdom (231,000 searches), the Netherlands (99,300) and Turkey (95,900). The only ones resisting, for the moment, Musk's spell are Cyprus (Apple), Estonia (Swedbank), Croatia (AMD), Italy (Amazon) and Belarus (EPAM Systems).

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