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Brokereo: SCAM or not? What you should know about this broker


Brokereo is a regulated online broker that allows speculation with more than 300 assets through contracts for difference (CFDs). For this purpose, it offers clients more than 20 analysis tools, access to Metatrader 4, a personal assistant and training resources.

The broker  with domain name Brokereo.com operates by Concorde Investments, which is registered in the Cyprus Commercial Register, with registered office at Pavlou Nirvana 4, Alpha Tower, Office 13, 3021 Limasol.

Concorde Investments is duly regulated by the CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). Its license number is 198/13.

The company complies with the European Union directive 2014/65/EU and can accept customers in Europe and other countries.

So it is legally constituted and has authorization to operate in Europe, under regulation, which reinforces the guarantees that the user of this type of financial services has.

In other words, we are not in front of a ghost company, so to the question that if it is a brokereo scam we can answer NO, not at all.

The products

When it comes to trading, Brokereo offers a catalog of over 300 assets that can be traded through CFDs, so we will not fall short at any time.

These assets are specially selected by experts, being the most interesting within each of the available work areas.

Products include:

  • Crypto: The famous virtual currencies that were born from the hand of Nakamoto Satoshi in 2008 are already a consolidated reality in 2020. From Bitcoin or Ethereum to Ripple or Dashcoin, we have available more than 30 currencies with their corresponding exchange pairs for speculation (euros, dollars and pounds).

The crypt market has unique characteristics. It offers   opportunities for those who know how to move through it, since volatility allows for very lucrative operations, although with clear risk. In any case, it is a market that has already proven to be here to stay.

  • Raw material: Raw material are one of the classic investments along with Forex and precious metals. They are assets that have their own nature, which in some cases is cyclical, and we have abundant statistical data to study and search for the best strategy. Brokereo offers us a selection of the most popular commodities in the world: coffee, coconut, cotton, oil, corn…
  • Stocks: Stocks of the most powerful companies in the world could not be missing, where we will be able to speculate in more than 60 global markets with the flexibility that CFDs offer. If you want to trade with Amazon, Tesla or Apple, here are your assets.
  • Index: Brokereo offers us more than 15 global indices to speculate with, so we will have the possibility to follow the strategies of the expert analysts or follow your own strategy and try to forecasts and obtain potential benefits.
  • Metals: Precious metals, the basic raw materials that provide stability to our portfolio, could not be missing without buying them. Gold has always been investors’ favourite haven value, and as such we have a lot of information and statistical data to analyse and guide our operations.
  • Forex: Finally, the foreign exchange market could not be missed. It is the market with the highest annual turnover, and we can access it through a large number of pairs to speculate through CFDs, both with the best known currencies and with other less common.

Brokereo platforms

To trade you need a software that communicates with the online trading platform chosen by Brokereo, which is none other than the well-known Metatrader 4 (MT4), which allows you to trade Forex and CFDs without limitations.

It is an immensely popular standard on FX platforms, guaranteeing the availability of thousands of tutorials, videos, courses and all kinds of analysis tools.

To access this platform we have several software options.  v

  • Webtrader: Brokereo offers us instant access to the market through MT4 via web browser with encrypted connection. From Firefox, Chrome, Opera… we will enter our account and all the management software will be loaded once the credentials are verified. The interface is just as powerful as the desktop version for PC or Mac (although some people prefer it) and incorporates all the MT4 functions that we are going to use in our day-to-day work.
  • Mobile App: In addition to the web software we also have an app for Apple or Android mobile devices. This app can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play. After entering the credentials, the app is synchronized with our account and we can operate. The interface is adapted to the small touch screen of the mobile device, so the control is very comfortable.

Knowledge Zone

You’ve probably heard it many times before: the secret of success in trading is in your knowledge and experience. Acquiring the habit of taking courses, gaining knowledge every day, knowing how the markets you work with work, learning how to manage your operations… all this is vital.

In this aspect, Brokereo does not disappoint either and offers us an interesting selection of training material in Spanish: courses, e-books, tutorials, videos, etc. It’s not the biggest library we’ve seen, but it’s pretty decent and it’s going to serve you well.

In addition, we also have the assistance of our account manager who will provide guidance and help you with trading account, but always remember that you are the one who must make all the decisions about your trades.

Don’t worry, at first it’s normal to make mistakes. Learn, move forward, and keep studying. Success always comes to those who are constant and do not deviate from their objective.

The accounts

Once we register with Brokereo, we will be assigned an account type based on our experience as a trader (we are asked for this on the registration form). A first deposit is made and you can start working.

The normal way is to start with a silver trading account, which is the basic one. For a beginner it is more than enough, with more than acceptable conditions. But there are also two other status  : the gold account and the platinum account.

The silver account already offers us some very interesting advantages: a maximum leverage of 1:30 in Forex, a minimum margin of 3 pip, coverage, fifth decimal place, news alerts and from Monday to Friday from 08:00 until 17:00 GMTsupport.

The gold account adds a 25% swap discount and a personal manager. The platinum account increases the swap discount to 50%.

In addition, for professional operators, substantial improvements are available, including customization to suit conditions.

All accounts can be adapted to Sharia law (Islamic account).

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