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If you are Spanish, do you also need a negative PCR to be able to return to Spain?



Since last November 23, all international travelers wishing to enter Spain must provide a negative PCR made 72 hours before arrival. This measure affects about 65 countries of origin. Government It is not proposed to exempt Spanish citizens who return from this measure.

Many are the unknowns that arise, for many Spaniards who are currently living abroad in the 65 "banned" countries. A list that will be updated every 15 days on the websites www.mscbs.gob.es and www.spth.gob.es.

One of the main problems posed by this measure is the extra cost for Spanish emigrants who wish to return home during the christmas holidays. "This measure thus becomes a concealed border closure in the face of the Christmas return, causing this to be a luxury item accessible only to those who can afford it," they explain from the Marea Granate platform.


This test will be necessary for all those arriving from risk areas and whose final destination is an airport or a Spanish port, without having found your nationality, so Spaniards are not exempt from this measure.

The only test supported is PCR (COVID-19 RT-PCR), so the rest that are on the market as rapid antibody tests, rapid antigen detection tests or high-throughput serologies (ELISA, CLIA, ECLIA) they will not be admitted. The documentation must be in Spanish or English, the ID number or passport that appears in the Health Control Form must appear, in addition it must include the identification and contact information of the center that performs the analysis, the technique used and the negative result of the test. test.

But what will happen if you decide to go to Spain without the PCR? Well, first of all, they must undergo a diagnostic test established by the health services. In addition, those passengers who after carrying out the temperature, visual or documentary controls, it is determined that there is a suspicion that they may have Covid-19 must undergo a PDIA (Active Infection Diagnostic Tests) In addition, it is necessary to take into account the fines to which passengers who arrive in such circumstances may be subjected, of about 3000 € if the repercussions produced have had little or no direct impact on the health of the population. While if the offense is considered serious, the fine could amount to up to 60,000 euros, if it involves damage to public health.


Taking into account all the aforementioned, PCRs are difficult to obtain in many countries, in addition to their high cost. In Ireland, for example, it is around 160-200 euros up to, while in Denmark they cost 350 euros. These high costs will mean that many will not be able to face the extra cost of returning for Christmas, after months away from their families. A situation that you know very well Angela, a business administration student at AUEB, who is together with other Erasmus students in quarantine in Athens. "In principle I plan to spend Christmas here, there are several of us who are considering this idea, since only on flights would there be some 400 euros, because with the current situation there is no direct flight to Madrid, to which must be added the PCR since Greece also requires one to be able to access the country, which to go only 10 days is crazy ".

In the same situation is Silvia, which is in Naples. She has decided to come home for the Christmas festivities. "I have decided to return to Spain since I miss my family a lot and after this year, which has not been good for anyone, I see it very necessary." PCR in Italy is priced at € 60-120, "In addition to the negative PCR three days before the flight, I know I need a form, but I still don't know very well what papers are necessary to be able to return, but I will submit to everything necessary to be able to return home." She hopes that the changing landscape we are in will allow her to return to Naples after Christmas. Like them, many other Spaniards are in a similar situation, demanding that the authorities echo this problem and find a quick solution for all those who want to return to Spain and it has to be through an airport or port, because for the land route so far no PCR is required to enter the country.

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