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So you can buy Bitcoin very easily and quickly using fiat



Bitcoin has become much more popular in recent days and it is no wonder. The cryptocurrency staged a bullish rally, which brought it closer to its all-time highs, rising above $ 19,500.

Although a correction brought it back to the $ 17,000 level, all eyes are on BTC because it is very likely to break above $ 20,000 before the end of December.

Google Trends data shows that searches for the term 'Bitcoin' also reached an annual high, when the price rose above $ 19,000, demonstrating people's interest in entering the growing market for the world's most popular crypto asset.

That is why here we will teach you how to buy Bitcoin quickly, using dollars.

To start with, you must enter one of the most popular and reputable exchanges in the world, Bithumb Global.

If you do not have an account, it is necessary to register by clicking on "Sign-up". For the record It is only necessary to have an active email and it is a process as fast, as writing the email, creating and confirming the password and accepting the Terms and Conditions.

Later, you have to follow a few simple steps to acquire your Bitcoins using US dollars and they are the following.

Step 1: Click on the option "Fiat" in the portal navigation bar.

Step 2: Select the amount, in fiat (dollars, euro, Argentine pesos, etc.) that you want to buy in Bitcoin, you can also buy Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP and EOS); set the payment method and press the "Buy" button.

Step 3: In the new window, select the best offer among those that appear on the screen, which will be ordered showing the best rates and prices of the cryptocurrency.

Step 4: Once the best offer has been selected, you must click on “Buy”, verify that it is the indicated amount, accept the Disclaimer and press “go to pay” to proceed to pay.

Step 5: On the next screen, you must fill in the information for payment, such as credit or debit card details, click "Next" and verify that the payment is made.

After these simple steps, the BTC will be deposited in the user's wallet at Bithumb Global.

Bithumb Global is a cryptocurrency exchange born in 2013, with one of the highest trading volumes recorded by any cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

The latter led the Korean-established platform to be ranked as one of the world's top exchanges, in terms of Bitcoin trading volume.

Bithumb Global is web-based and extremely easy to use. The platform's functionalities are self-explanatory, making it ideal for novice traders.

The exchange offers a wide range of assets, many of which have a trading pair against the USDT stablecoin almost universally present.

Additionally, it supports fiat currencies and features a large selection of payment options for buying and selling cryptocurrencies with fiat, offering this functionality thanks to its partnerships with a variety of gateway operators. fiat-to-crypto.

Clean and simple interface

Bithumb Global offers a clean business interface and offers users the option to select between a "basic", "standard" or "advanced" interface.

Advanced mode features the popular TradingView charting tools, a feature that will be welcomed by many crypto traders.

Bithumb Global additionally offers margin trading for Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and LTC, with up to 10x leverage, through the margin trading feature.

The BG Learnig

BG Learning is a learning zone launched by Bithumb Global and an interactive platform for blockchain projects to get attention quickly.

Based on the content-rich Q&A events, users can learn more about premium projects on BG Learning, avoid investment misunderstandings, and earn tokens.

BG Learning works like this:

  1. The number of votes in voting events is assigned based on the asset holdings and transaction amount of Bithumb Global users (excluding market maker accounts with low commission rates).
  2. The total number of votes that users have is calculated as follows:

The number of votes the user gets due to asset holdings is the average net asset holding (including spot assets and Margin Trading assets, and deduction for borrowed assets in Margin Trading) in the 14 day account before the vote. For every 200 USDT equivalent of token holdings that include BTC, ETH, and USDT, one vote can be earned, and for every 200 USDT equivalent of token holdings other than BTC, ETH, and USDT, 0.5 votes can be earned.

The voting event takes the form of answering questions, and the questions are related to the listing projects.

If the user answers correctly, all the user's votes will be counted in the projects as valid votes, and the total number of votes is calculated according to the number of valid votes from all users.

If the user answers incorrectly, the user's votes will not be counted in the total number of votes and no rewards will be earned.

After the event is over, a certain number of project tokens will be released. All users who have answered correctly will share the tokens according to the proportion of their votes to the total votes of the event.

Bithumb Global Mobile App

Bithumb Global is an exchange compatible with mobile devices and offers official applications for the Android and iOS platforms.

These tools are well designed and allow access to the most important functionality of the Bithumb Global platform, wherever the user goes.


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