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Technical analysis office: Telefónica, Repsol, Talgo, Técnicas Reunidas, SAP, Bicycle Therapeutics, Zalando and ASML



Next, we give an answer to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes SAP, Bicycle Therapeutics, ASML, Repsol, Zalando, Talgo, Técnicas Reunidas and Telefónica.

Technical analysis

Good morning, José María. First of all, thank you for that magnificent section that I never miss and that helps us in times of high volatility and uncertainty. My question is about SAP and if faced with the blow that has been recently taken, we are facing an opportunity to get on the train. What supports should be respected at all times? I would also like to ask you about a small biotech company, Bicycle Therapeutics, how do you see it on a technical level? Thank you so much. E.FA.

Dear reader, good afternoon. SAP It is a value that is still bullish in long term terms, but in the short term it is still in a corrective phase. The good news is that the price has slowed above the March lows, so there we have a growing low. The negative, which presents a significant resistance at 105.40 euros. And above and of greater depth we have the weekly bearish gap of 125 euros. Knowing that 50% of the gap usually also acts as resistance, this is the area of ​​110-115 euros. In short, it is not a value that I dislike in the medium-long term because, I insist, it is bullish in the long term and despite the last crash it has always respected the March lows.

SAP weekly chart

As to Bicycle Therapeutics, is clearly bullish. On the one hand we have an impeccable bullish guideline that joins the increasing lows since March and that is currently at $ 18.80. And as resistance we have $ 21.70. From which it follows that a close above the annual (and historical) highs mentioned above we will have an important signal of strength in the title. Another one, in fact from that moment on it would be placed on an absolute free rise, with the upward implications that this usually has. It is impeccably bullish. Very kind for your words, thank you very much.

Bicycle Therapeutics Daily Chart

Good morning, José María. I would appreciate your analysis on ASML Holding. I'd like to enter. Could you give me a strategy: entry price, 'stop loss' and target price, please? Thank you very much for your help. A greeting. L.G.

Dear investor, good afternoon. ASML Holding It is one of the European values ​​that I like the most at the moment. In fact, it recently left behind a broad multi-month side and this Monday is setting new all-time highs. That is to say, we have him in absolute free ascent and there is no greater sign of strength than this. The only thing that can be seen in the long-term monthly chart is that this company is moving within a manual bullish channel since 2008 and right now the top of it is around approximately 420-430 euros. And if it were able to overcome it, purchases would be accelerated more if possible. As a support area, the most important at this time is in the daily bullish gap of 322.65 euros, far removed from current price levels. Thank you very much, greetings.

ASML Holding long-term monthly chart

Good morning, José María. Thank you very much in advance, I would like you to analyze Repsol. Thank you very much for all your analyzes, they are very helpful. A greeting. J.SR.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Repsol we just analyzed it this morning (You can read it here). It is one of the values ​​that has done the best during the month of November, but the icing on the cake is missing: closing the weekly downward gap in March, at 9.06 euros. That said, what I want you to understand is that we still have long-term decreasing highs and lows. That is to say, that despite the important increases we still do not have a return figure as such. Which is not to say that we cannot have them later. After all, any change in trend begins as a minor rebound. Thank you very much, greetings.

Repsol weekly chart

Good Morning. I would like to know the support and resistance of Zalando, a German stock exchange company. It is carrying a strong correction from the last high at 87.74 euros. Thanks a lot. R.HM.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Zalando it is a most interesting value. What we have in the weekly chart is a bullish channel exceeded to the upside, with its corresponding support or 'throw back' to it and from there it does not stop rising and rising. So much so that it recently set new all-time highs. That is to say, we have him in absolute free rise, or what is the same without resistance. Little more can be said about a free upload title. Therefore we are facing a clear hold in the portfolio.

Zalando weekly chart

Good Morning. First of all, congratulate him on his magnificent and pedagogical section. It is a pleasure to read to you daily. I would like to ask you about two companies that once enjoyed the recommendations of many ‘value’ management companies and that have collapsed completely: Talgo and Técnicas Reunidas. I lose both of them a lot of money, too much. And I don't know what to do, whether to sell them and take a loss or leave them for my grandchildren. Do you see any possible rebound to get out with dignity? Greetings from Cáceres and again thank you very much. JM.L.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Talgo it is a bearish value despite the rebound in recent weeks. The only thing that can be highlighted is the fact that it has overcome the resistance it presented in the previous historical lows (3.30) and little else. The title continues to present decreasing highs and lows in the medium term and thus does not rise. The most important resistance is in the weekly bearish gap in March at five euros. Only by closing / canceling said gap can we speak of a before and after in the title. Meanwhile the decreasing highs and lows follow each other and this is nothing other than the simplest definition of what a downtrend is.

Talgo weekly chart

As to Gathered techniques, three quarters of the same that we have commented in Talgo. It is still in the rebound phase (reaction phase) within an impeccable downtrend background, or primary. And with an important resistance, still very far away, in the weekly bearish gap in March at 18.32 euros. Bearish gap that many Ibex stocks have already closed or are attacking at the moment, which somehow shows us the extreme weakness of this title with respect to the market as a whole. Thank you very much for your words, it is you. very friendly.

Técnicas Reunidas weekly chart

Hi, I have Telefónica shares bought in the last rebound at 3.22 euros. How do you see the value? Thanks and regards. N.A.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Telephone has been analyzed this morning on our page (You can read it here) and although it is true that the rebound may continue in the coming days towards the area of ​​four euros and even 4.25 euros. At the moment everything continues to fit within what is a (violent) rebound within a clear downward trend in the background. The weekly bearish gap in March to which we refer so much in recent times in almost all values ​​is still very far from current prices, at 4.885 euros. Not to mention the impeccable background downward guideline that is currently in the area of ​​six euros. A greeting.

Telefónica weekly chart

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