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Wall Street closes the first trading session of 2021 with falls after hitting new highs


Wall street has closed the first trading session of 2021 with falls close to 1.5% after having set new highs at the opening. As he Dow Jones As the S&P 500 finished 2020 at record levels, although the big winner was again the Nasdaq, which rose 43% last year, well above the 7% appreciation for the Dow and 16% for the S&P.

But in the shorter term, investors focus their attention on the evolution of the pandemic And in the Senate elections in Georgia, keys to the future presidency of Joe Biden.

Covid-19 remains uncontrolled in the US, although the arrival of vaccines makes experts anticipate a economic recovery horizon, especially from the second quarter. Therefore, they consider that there are good forecasts for equities.

However, the health situation in the US and the UK has caused nervousness among investors, especially after the new lockdown announced by Scotland, which has raised similar measures in more territories.

Regarding the arrival of vaccines, Modern has communicated this Monday that expects to deliver 100 million doses of its Covid-19 drug in the United States throughout the first quarter of 2021.

And regarding Georgia, the market would like a republican win moreSince a Democratic victory would pave the way for Biden to raise taxes on big business, which would be negative for the stock market.

"A Republican victory should be positive for the market initially, with rises for stocks and falls for the dollar. On the contrary, a Democratic victory should have precisely the opposite effect. any stock sale following a Democratic victory should not last more than a few daysBecause unlimited 0% money from the Federal Reserve trumps all, "says Jeffrey Halley, an analyst at OANDA.

However, despite this uncertainty, the stock markets remain 'supported' in the long term by the ultra-accommodative monetary policy of the Federal Reserve and for the fiscal stimuli approved in Washington.

For its part, Donald trump He is once again a negative protagonist, since a call has been leaked in which he pressures the Secretary of State of Georgia, Brad Raffensberger, so that he "seeks" enough votes to turn around the result of the presidential elections of November 3.

At the business level, Tesla, one of the most bullish stocks in 2020, has met its annual enrollment target, after selling 499,550 cars in 2020, 35% more than in the previous year. A news that is being widely celebrated on the market and its actions advance in the first session of 2021 more than 4%.

In other markets, the West Texas oil falls by 2%, to $ 47.50, in anticipation that the OPEC + keep your production going at your monthly meeting in January. In addition, the euro 1.1% is strongly appreciated and changes to $ 1.2273, while the profitability of the 10-year American bond rises to 0.93%


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