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Trump, to the assailants: "We love you and you are very special, but go home"



Donald trump recoil. The outgoing US president has reacted to the seizure of the Capitol by some supporters who he himself had harangued asking for "peace" through his personal profile of Twitter.

"Please support the Capitol Police, they are really on our side, stay calm," Trump urged on the social network. He then posted another tweet asking "respect" for the police force and saying "no to violence."

Moments later, and after Biden asked him for responsibilities, the Republican has published a video in which he says to his supporters "we love you, you are very special, but we need peace, go home."

Trump's supposed call for calm coincides with his 'divorce' with his hitherto vice president, Mike pence, who has described as "unethical" the fact that Trump assumes that he has the authority to revoke the result of the elections: "Our founders were very skeptical about the concentration of powers and created a republic based on the separation of powers under the Constitution ".

On the other side of the ring, Trump has spent days ensuring that Pence, from his position, has the power to annul the electoral result, which, however, is a power that is not contemplated in the US Constitution.

In this sense, the outgoing president has harangued the robbers of the Capitol, who they have stormed the building shouting "we will never give (Biden) victory."

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