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Crypto.com has announced a partnership with Booking.com to offer exclusive travel discounts



Crypto.com one of the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges has announced that it is partnering with travel booking website Booking.com to offer users an exclusive discount. With the partnership, users of the Crypto.com application will enjoy a 25% discount on all accommodation reservations made from the application. According to Booking.com, Crypto.com users have exclusive discounts at more than 400,000 properties and more than 28 million accommodation listings.

There is an added bonus for Crypto.com Visa card users. They also enjoy an 8% refund on all their travel expenses along with many other incentives including free and unlimited access to LoungeKey ™ airport lounges, free ATM withdrawals worldwide, and no transaction fees anywhere. abroad.

“In 2020, our Crypto.com Visa card program grew to be the most widely available card of its kind, and we know that travel benefits are a highly sought after benefit. Our user base also grew in 2020, and we now serve more than 5 million users worldwide, who are eager to travel again in 2021. We are delighted to announce our partnership with Booking.com, the first of many that we will be announcing this year, ”he said Kris Marszalek, CEO and Co-Founder of Crypto.com.

Crypto.com has a clear goal of making it possible for all of its users to control their own money and privacy. The exchange is doing this by encouraging the adoption of cryptocurrencies through different incentive programs.

By bringing cryptocurrencies to real-life applications such as travel booking, the chances of widespread adoption are greatly increased. Partnering with Booking.com to provide a huge discount to its users is also a major incentive that could encourage the adoption of cryptocurrencies to enjoy the benefits.

Your 5 million users will have access to these discounts and they could significantly affect their booking habits. This is especially true as most travelers are now more price conscious when booking their trips and a discount like this is what they can look for, even if it has to do with cryptocurrency, which is likely to drive adoption.


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