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Bono is primed with the "radicals" of Podemos: "They do not paint almost anything in the Government"



The former president of Castilla-La Mancha and also former president of the Congress of Deputies, José Bono, has charged harshly against Podemos and has affirmed that the party "it does not paint almost anything in the Government". In an interview in 1, he has described the formation of churches as "radical" and has singled out them for "generating hatred and social tension."

In Bono's words, the agreement reached by the PSOE with the purple party after the elections of 20-N was not done "at ease." "Many people who vote socialist would like to have a sufficient majority so as not to have to govern with a radical party", has declared.

Likewise, he has once again crossed out Podemos and called them "communists", although he has acknowledged that he does not want to use that term to define them. "To the communists we owe a great deal of democracy. They are communists in the older style, generating social hatred ".

The former president of Castilla-La Mancha has maintained his speech against Iglesias and has commented that "Podemos is a party that is currently designed to serve a person or a married couple, which is in the Government and many of us are unhappy. "

Regarding the investigation of King Emeritus, Bono has again criticized the formation of Iglesias for their insistence. According to the socialist, they ask to investigate the king emeritus "not for defending transparency but for defending themselves"." They point to republicanism not because they are republicans, but because they really have nothing else to do. "However, he has estimated that the figure of the inviolability of the head of state" is a medieval antiquity "and has advocated updating the legislation.

Along these lines, he wanted to refer to Juan Carlos I and stated that "the title of king emeritus has very little importance", adding that" emeritus means something of honor and honors are no longer paid to Juan Carlos. "" Juan Carlos is finished ", he has sentenced.

Ultimately, he has valued that Juan Carlos I "should be another citizen in Spain" and "get right with the Justice and the Treasury", and believes that he can return to Spain, but it would be "a real nonsense" to go back to the Zarzuela. "It would do great damage to the monarchy and would encourage many who want to end it," he concluded.



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