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Casado asks for the creation of a fund of 50,000 million aid to companies



The president of the PP has announced that the proposal will be registered by the GPP in Congress, they intend with its processing to create a "Direct injection to companies", This was announced in Girona this Thursday.

Married has asked the Government "Let them stop demagogy", insisting that “if taxes are not lowered, these companies close, and if they close they do not pay any taxes. We prefer that they pay less taxes, but that they pay something ”. It has also demanded the extension of the ERTE until the end of the state of alarm, granting liquidity and not just credits to companies so that they can survive and not lay off, which would prevent the State from facing unemployment benefits

He has also rejected that in Health we have a minister "part-time and on the run" and calling on the Executive to guarantee the "Efficiency and speed" of the vaccination plan at the national level and "immediate measures" to avoid a third wave. "We cannot bear so many deaths every day," he added.

He has insisted that Sánchez has not had a "middle ground" in managing the pandemic, having gone from assuming sole command "like an elephant in a china shop" to "do absolutely nothing ”and abandon the CCAA to its fate.



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