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Latest updates on IOTA developments


A recently published report containing the latest updates on the developments of IOTA. This report lists all the progress that has been made in recent times, providing an overview of the project's progress.

In the post, we can learn how it is progressing IOTA 1.5. This phase is called Chrysalis and it is an intermediate phase before the stage called Coordinate. It's worth noting that phase 1 was released last August on the mainnet.

As for Chrysalis phase 2, only last month was the testnet opened to the public to better test the launch. From the tests carried out it seems to have a stability close to 100%, so in the next few weeks we could have a product already operational for the mainnet.

Pollen has also been updated and version 0.3.5 has been released, which focuses on providing greater stability. The team is now focusing on the next steps, which will be refactoring Tangle, Mana, congestion control, and more.

Node APIs, such as Bee, have also been updated, and the Bee team is working to release the testnet version next week. Meanwhile, they are taking place code audits, which will take at least three weeks.

Positive news also for Hornet, which has been progressing for over a month on the testnet and during this period several enhancements have been made to make the system even more robust and through targeted and local snapshots have been able to fix some bugs without interrupting the entire test network.

The alpha version of Stronghold It has also been underway for over a month. It is such a complicated structure that it must be studied in depth and, in fact, those chosen will be dedicated exclusively to this project and will have to follow a series of well thought out procedures before moving to the beta version, which is expected to be release in spring.

Improvements are also being made to Fireflyespecially in the graphical interface, and a code audit is being done here as well, while as far as storage is concerned, Stronghold will not be used as the main database, instead it will be used SQLite.

Updates on IOTA Identity

The progress of IOTA Identity It is also interesting: now the alpha version has been moved to the first version of an official release, which will be followed by all the documentation and tests that took place during the previous phases. This will allow everyone to test and integrate this new identity management system.

Finally, in regards to smart contracts, these are still in the pre-alpha version and so it will take some time before we can see concrete results out of the box.

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