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Cardano is working on something that could solve Twitter's decentralization dilemma



Twitter has faced fierce condemnation in recent days after it decided to ban Donald Trump from its social media platform. Many people have opposed the move, seeing it as an attempt by the social media giant to run an autocratic dictatorship online where freedom of expression is heavily restricted.

The cryptocurrency community has been at the forefront in condemning this seemingly inappropriate behavior from the Twitter administration. However, Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey attempted to back the measure in a series of tweets some days ago.

Twitter CEO admires Bitcoin

While trying to gain support, Jack said that he likes Bitcoin because of its decentralized power that does not allow it to be dictated by any person or entity.

He agreed that while it was imperative for Twitter to ban people from breaking its rules, the policy would be catastrophic in the long run and must be kept in check.

Twitter is funding a development team

Apparently, as can be understood in a recent tweet From the CEO, Twitter is funneling funds to a group of developers in an effort to create a decentralized social network on which Twitter can function.

For some time, there have been rumors that Twitter is involved in a special project to create a blockchain-based network. The project is called "Blue Sky". It is not yet clear when or where the project will launch upon completion.

On the other hand, some in the crypto and blockchain community don't think it is a good idea for Twitter to develop an internal decentralized system. That's at least according to one of the most popular developers in the field, Cardano's Charles Hoskinson. Hoskinson is the founder of Cardano and CEO of IOHK, the company that created Cardano (ADA).

Hoskinson commented on Jack's thread, saying that Dorsey shouldn't build the decentralized system internally, especially since he's already involved with Twitter, a heavily centralized network as evident in Trump's ban. Instead, Hoskinson said the system should be open source to allow more players from the larger blockchain community to contribute.

Is Cardano working on a decentralized social network?

In the same tweet, Hoskinson appeared to reveal some data, albeit a very small one. He hinted that Cardano is "working on something." Many people may have taken this to mean that Cardano is working on its own decentralized open source social network.


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